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Each and everyone wants to earn some extra money at this age. And try to find out different ways of earning. A lottery is one of the best ways of earning. Millions of people are dreaming about winning the lottery. Thailand lottery is a well-known lottery in the state of Thailand. Thousands of people take participate in Thailand lottery results.

Thai Lottery Result 16th February 2020

Thai lottery result is drawn twice in every month. Thailand lottery result is announced on each first and sixteen of every month at 11:45. If there is a holiday at a result day, the draw is postponed to the next day automatically. You can check Thailand lottery result today on television in magazines and on the different websites and YouTube channels as Thai lotto results are drawn. Moreover, you can check Thai lottery result today on this site, just in a few seconds as the lottery result is drawn by lottery national office. We publish Thai lottery results first of all and we take care of the user interface.

Thailand Lottery

Thailand lottery is a famous lottery in the country of Thailand. It is also played in other countries. A lot of people invest in Thai lottery results. It is being more popular as a passage of time all over the world. Thailand lottery is also known as Thailand lotto, Thai lottery, and Thai lotto. Thailand lottery is organized by the government lottery office (GLO).

Thailand lotto is one of the legal form of gambling in the state of Thai. Gamblers know their invested money in this lottery game is safe and secure. That’s why it is not only played in Thailand but also in all other countries. In this way, the Thai lottery provides a lot of winning a chance to the public. And thousands of people try their luck and invest their hard-earned money in Thai lotto. 

Drawing Method

Thai lotto result is drawn on each first and sixteen of every month. Drawings are held in city Bangkok at the national lottery office. Ten unaffiliated guests are hired by the lottery office as a witness at the time of draw.  The drawings are televised and published in magazines also. The Thai lottery drawings method is explained below.

  • Firs and main guest of the lottery drawing is the Draw Chairman.
  • Guest check out the equipment, numbers of balls.
  • Chairman chooses ball numbers randomly to each draw machine.
  • The chairman of the draw selects colored balls to determine the minimum prize.
  • There are four color balls that indicate to different prizes. Yellow for second prize, pink for third prize, green for forth one and blue for 5th prize.
  • There is a total of 165 draws. 6 numbers are drawn for the second third fourth and fifth prizes.
  • 3-digit numbers are drawn for the 3-digit prize. Total draws are four. A two-digit number is drawn for the 2-digit prize. Total draws are one. A six-digit number is drawn for the top prize. Total draws one. Also announced are the ±1 special prize numbers.
  • Drawing of two-digit numbers for the Thailand lottery national office bonus prize of 30 million baht*.
  • Drawing of two-digit numbers for the Thai Charity Lottery bonus prize of 22 million baht*.

Thai Lottery Prize List

A lot of people search on the internet that how to win Thai lottery, how much number and balls should be matched for a first prize of Thailottery result, here we are going to explain Thai lottery prize detail below.

  • If you will Match 6 digits in the first prize draw. The amount of wining for TGL is 2 million; for TCL 3 million
  • If you will Match 6 digits in the second prize draw you can win 100,000 x 2
  • After Matching 6 digits in the third prize draw you can win the amount 40,000 x 2
  • Match 6 digits fourth prize draw and win 20,000 x 2
  • If you will Match 6 digits in the fifth prize draw you can 10,000 x 2
  • If you will Match 6 digits in first prize draw plus or minus 1 50,000 x 2
  • Match 3 digit draw and 2,000 x 2
  • If you will Match 2 digit draw you can receive 1,000 x 2

How to Claim for Prize

If you win Thai lottery result you can claim for Thai lottery winning prize within two years of winning date. You can receive an amount up to 20000 baht form any retailers on the spot.  Two percent commission is deducted from the total winning amount.

In case of winning the amount more than 20000 baht, it is necessary for the winner to present at the national lottery office. The amount of winning is paid into the check after deducting tax.

How to Buy Thai Lottery Ticket

Tickets for Thailand lottery result are provided by the national lottery office to the wholesalers. Whole sellers divide tickets in normal retailers. Tickets for the upcoming Thai lottery result are easily available anywhere in the country of Thailand.

Thailand lottery ticket price is 40 baht by the national lottery office. But tickets are sold in a pair that’s why pair ticket price is 80 baht. There are two types of Thailand lottery tickets. Thai government lottery ticket (TGL). And Thai Charity Lottery (TCL).


Thailand lottery is a world-famous lottery in the country of Thailand. Thai lottery provides a lot of winning chances to people of Thailand and also in other countries. Thailand lottery result is drawn twice in every month. If you want to boost your chance of winning for the upcoming Thai lotto result Thai lottery free tips are very important for you.

That’s all bout Thai lottery result today and Thailand lottery tips, that we have tried to explain in this post. Finally, we hope this information about the Thai lottery and Thailand lottery result today is very helpful for you. If you think this information is helpful for you then give us your feedback in the comment section. Wish you the best of luck.

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